Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Start of Summer

With my summer break starting not too long ago, Eric and I had made some big plans for what we would do with my first couple of weeks off. We were so excited to have our good friends Shane and Rachael in town from Las Vegas for the first week off. Shane and Eric played in the member-guest golf tournament at the country club while Rachael and I relaxed and did typical girl things. It is always a blast seeing those two and hopefully we will see them again in September for a Notre Dame game!

Our 2 week summer vacation went into the next phase on Sunday soon after Shane and Rachael left for the airport. We had a nice father’s day brunch with Eric’s dad and then packed up our bags for our 3 city road trip. First stop: Geneva, Illinois. Eric had been invited by Brad, someone that Eric’s company does business with, to play in a charity golf tournament in Geneva. Geneva is about 1 hour west of Chicago is perhaps the cutest little town I have ever seen. We were lucky enough to go during their “Swedish Days” festival that is held every year. There were so many street vendors, bands, and little shops that could have kept me entertained for weeks on end. And the hotel we stayed at could not have been better. A quaint little balcony overlooking the river, a sitting area with a toasty fireplace, and warm cookies and perfectly cold milk brought to you before bedtime. Really, does it get any better??

We left Geneva on Tuesday to head up to Milwaukee for the Twins- Brewers game. I was a little disappointed that I could not enjoy one of Miller Park’s finest brews, but was so excited to see a new ballpark and cheer on the Twins. Eric did an awesome job with finding tickets online and our seats for right behind home plate! The Twins couldn’t pull off a victory, but we had a blast anyway.

Wednesday morning came a little early as we wanted to get on the road by 8 am to avoid Milwaukee traffic. The final leg of our trip was one we were looking forward to for a long time: 5 days up on Lake Millie Lacs with our friends Brent and Brenda. The trip was made even better since Brent had proposed to Brenda the day before!! We spent our time celebrating, fishing, and just enjoying some sunshine. I caught my first walleye and Eric filleted up our catches like a champ. We even went to a meat raffle! Eric and I didn’t win any meat, but leave it to the pregnant lady to win a free cocktail J. There were some perfect nights for fishing on the lake and you couldn’t have asked for a prettier sunset.

We are home in Rochester until we head to Pensacola Beach for Eric’s mom’s birthday next week. It will be nice to relax and get some household chores done. And I suppose Eric should go to work. Sidenote: Eric played in a Minnesota State Amateur golf qualifier on Tuesday and qualified!! The tournament is later on this month so I will keep you updated. Fingers crossed that he does well!

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