Sunday, June 6, 2010

Forbidden Fruits & Satisfying Substitutes

When the word “baby” first made its way into our daily conversations at home, I started reading all of the “I’m going to be a new Mom so I am hoping to be dreadfully over prepared for my first doctor’s visit” books I could find. Besides the shock of the potential weight gain and the promise of little to no sleep that would be coming, I had to just drop my jaw at the list of foods and activities that I was now to avoid at all costs. For the most part, it has been pretty easy to stick to the list knowing that the little bundle of joy coming in November will be worth every missed bite of a medium rare steak and sip of a perfect margarita. However, when 24 weeks seems like 24 years, I turn to my now favorite substitutes to keep me happy and the little one healthy. Here are some that have become my pregnancy staples:

1.) Replace a Jimmy John’s #16 (oh-so-delicious) with a #6 with hot peppers. I love Jimmy John’s. And since we did not have one in Phoenix, it was still a delicacy to me once we got to Minnesota. But then Heidi Murkoff goes and tells me that lunch meat is not something one should consume if they are “Eating Well While You’re Expecting.” So when that aroma of fresh baked bread comes over me, I get the all veggie sandwich with hot peppers to add some spice. Really pretty tasty, even without the meat!

2.) Replace running hard with 30 minutes on the stair climber. Yes, I am one of those people that really enjoy running. I’ve never had coordination so running has always been something I could do and do well. When I get on the treadmill though, I want to test it to see how fast I can go and for how long. Turns out, the baby isn’t a huge fan of that. Having to keep my heart rate around 140, I turned to the escalator-looking contraptions at the gym. At first, I only lasted 8 minutes. These things really work your legs! Now, I just grab whatever book I am reading and set the timer for 30 minutes. My heart rate stays regulated and my thighs, calves, and tush get a workout like never before.

3.) Replace a tasty Cabernet with a wine glass of grape juice. Let’s be honest, there is no replacing a nice glass of red wine. My search for must have ‘mock’tails started with instructions on making a virgin dirty martini. It said “1.)Place two olives in glass. 2.) Enjoy).” It gave me a good laugh but made me realize that water doesn’t have to be the only beverage a pregnant lady consumes. Sometimes making pasta sauce at home just feels more relaxed with a little of Welch’s finest in some nice stemware. And though I tell Eric I would like a margarita brought to me after I deliver, there have been a few other favorites that make me feel a little less out of the loop when out with friends like the classic Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade), a virgin Gary Miller Lite ( I think you need to live in Rochester to know about this one- Diet Tonic, a splash of cranberry juice, and a lime), and an O’Doul’s Amber.

4.) Replace sleeping on your back with a really comfy side pillow. Since sleeping on your back in pretty much forbidden after week 20, and I am strictly a back sleeper, I have started to prepare myself for an additional 20 weeks of side sleeping. The first couple weeks went really bad. But after going through all of the pillows in the house and finding the perfect match for me, I have mastered the side sleeping. Bring it on pregnant belly.

All that being said, we are so excited to be expecting the little one and thank you all for the well wishes! This is the latest picture of Baby Deutsch waving hello.

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