Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Months Old!

Our little Allison turned 5 months old this past week! Time has sure flown by. It seems like just yesterday we brought her home and the we spent the first night staring at her as we camped out in the living room. That first month was pretty tough, definitely tougher than we anticipated. Now, though, she is learning something new each day and interacting with us. She is, as her Dad describes her, "like a little real person."

Since there was no doctor's appointment this month, Allison joined mom on the scale at the gym. Fully clothed, the peanut weighed in over 15 pounds! I know those tiny jeans and her mini sweater account for some poundage, but our munchkin is definitely growing! We've got a big milestone next in June as the princess with be turning 6 months and will get to start real food. Until then, I leave you with our 5 most favorite things about Allison Claire this month!

1.) "What's my real name?" By now, you have probably realized that Allison goes by about 10 different names. Allison, Ali, Princess, Peanut, Munchkin, Pumpkin, Pretty, etc. When we call "Allison," she does not turn around. Call out for "Princess" though, and her eyes find you right away. We have created a monster.

2.)Tuesdays with Mommy and Wednesdays with Dad. Now that golf league has started, Allison gets a girl's night on Tuesday nights and her and Dad hang out alone on Wednesday nights. We love spending time as a family, but there is something special about that time at night we get to spend alone with her.

3.)Baby Hugs. Sure it may be one of those "safety reflexes," but when we pick up Allison and hold her against our chests, she will wrap her little arms around us. This little baby hug is one of the best feelings in the world. And she executes it to perfection.

4.)Standing Tall. We are so blessed that this little one is so pleasant. SHe has the best smile and always seems to be happy. One of her favorite times, though, is the time right before bath time. We "skin the bunny" (sidenote- are my parents the only parents who used this phrase? Eric had never heard of it and pointed out how horrible the phrase actually is lol) and stand that little peanut up in the bathrub. She thinks she is just the coolest kid out there. She will rest her hands on the side of the tub and squeal in delight. She does love "standing" all the time, but this is definitely her favorite.

5.) "Who's that cutie??" We recently put together Allison's Exersaucer and she loves it! She is constantly trying to eat the apple on it and loves hitting the different buttons to get them to light up and make noise. Our built in babysitter, though, is the mirror that sits on it at her eye level. She stares at herself (she hopefully outgrows this and the "Princess" phase by teen years) for the longest time. When she "sees" this other baby looking back at her, she squeals as if saying "Hi! Who are you?!?" It is pretty much the funniest thing ever.

And forgive the Christmas onesie. Someone (me) bought a 3-6 month onesie before she was born thinking it would fit. Ha!

We hope you are enjoying watching out peanut grow! She has brought such joy to our lives already and continues to do so everyday. Happy Spring everyone!