Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding Details!

When & Where
July 4, 2009
South Bend, IN

The Ceremony
The ceremony will be held at 2 pm on Saturday at Little Flower Church. Little Flower is located at 54191 N Ironwood Rd (in between Martin's and the golf course) and is only 5 minutes from campus. To get there from the Marriott: Head North on US 31 (St Joseph's St). Turn right on E Colfax Ave. Turn left on N Hill St. Turn right at South Bend Ave. Turn Left at Ironwood Road.

The Reception
The dinner and party afterward will be at the Marriott ballroom in downtown South Bend. Not all of the details are sorted out yet, but the time is set for 6 pm- 11pm. We also will have a block of rooms set aside to be reserved there. The Marriott is located at 123 N Saint Joseph St. 80/90 is the main highway that has an exit right at colleges. To get to the Marriott from 80/90: Once you get off the toll road (exit 77), make a right. You will be on US 31. Saint Mary's College will be on your right and Notre Dame will be up on your left. (Make sure you look up in the distance and you will see the Dome!). Head down IN 933/ US 31 for about 2 miles. After you pass St Joe's Hospital, make a slight right onto Main St. You will then turn left on W Colfax Ave and then a right onto N Michigan St. Next, turn left onto E Washington St. and then a left onto N Saint Joseph St.

We have a block of rooms at the Marriott for anyone who would like to stay there. They are at a discounted rate, but you have to be sure to mention that you are with the Schorsten/Deutsch wedding. The phone number is 574-234-2000. Book them soon though so they don't sell out!

You can also book the rooms online by copying and pasting the link below into your internet browser. Rooms are available from Thursday night through Saturday night. If you are coming in on Thursday, just change the check in date to the 2nd. A limited number of rooms were blocked, but more can be easily added. So let us know if you are having trouble booking!

More to come!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Wedding Party

The Groom's Men

Best Man
Tim Deutsch: Brother of the groom and jujitsu master

Scott Gustafson: Former teammate of the groom and fellow accountant
Mark Baldwin: Former teammate of the groom and the only white guy in Taiwan
Shane Sigsbee: Former teammate of the groom and responsible for setting the bride and groom up
Michael Schorsten: Brother of the bride and fellow accountant
Joe Schorsten: Little brother of the bride that is 10 inches taller than her

Ring Bearer

Aidan Markey: Nephew of the bride and guaranteed to make you smile

Steve Sweeney: Friend of the bride and groom and fellow accountant
Nate Stuettgen: Friend of the bride and groom and fellow accountant

The Bride's Maids

Matrons of Honor
Stephanie Markey: Sister of the bride and mother to the world's cutest kids
Dr. Melissa Riley: Sister of the bride and pediatrician extraordinaire

Katie Schorsten: Sister-in-law of the bride- I think we like her better than Mike ;)
Mary Beth Schorsten: Sister of the bride and future live in babysitter :)
Lisa Schorsten: Sister of the bride and partner in crime of Rachel
Rachel Schorsten: Sister of the bride and partner in crime of Lisa