Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ice Fishing!

We headed up to Lake Millie Lacs this past weekend to experience ice fishing for the first time. We went with one of the guys Eric works with, Brent, and his oh-so-sweet girlfriend Brenda. We had such a blast! There really wasn't any fish to be caught, but it was fun nonetheless. Our little cabin on the ice was 8x20 so we definitely got cozy. On Saturday night, the ice was cracking because of the change in temperature and we could hear it all night. It is so scary to feel the whole cabin shake when that happens!

We also got to experience snowmobiling for the first time. It is pretty crazy how fast you can go on those! If you ever get the chance to go riding though, HOLD ON TIGHT! We went over a little snow mound and I went flying across the ice. Only minor injuries though.

We can't wait to head up to Millie Lacs with Brent and Brenda again! Only, next time, let's find showers :)

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