Friday, January 22, 2010

Maui Christmas and Happy New Year!

We were lucky enough to be able to spend the holidays this year in Maui with some great friends and Eric's family. We absolutely LOVE it in Maui. We went to a amazing Christmas day service at Saint Theresa's in Kihei. If you ever get the opportunity to head to Maui, really try to get to a service there. The priest was so engaging and the band (Yes, band!) made it the best mass we've ever been to. And with a combined 33 years of Catholic schooling under our belts, we've seen our share of masses. New Year's was spent at Mulligan's (more of that to come) in Wailea. We had a blast and we all stayed up to see the fireworks over Grand Wailea.

We were blessed this year with just perfect weather. 80's and sunny every day is definitely something we could get used to. We spent plenty of days laying on the beach (Big Beach and Little Beach in Makena are some favorites), lounging by the pool (the just beautiful Fairmont Kea Lani- Thanks Aunt Pam!), snorkeling (check out Four Winds Maui), golfing (the boys got to play Kapalua's Plantation course!), and eating and drinking to our heart's content.

Food might be one of my favorite things ever and great food is even better. So when I experience great food, I want to tell the world. Maui has some great restaurants and, with everything so fresh, it is hard to narrow it down to a handful of top spots. That being said, here are some places in South Maui I would not only recommend, but will go back again and again:

Four Season's Ferraro's- Right in the middle of Wailea, we didn't dine for dinner, but had a few really great lunches there. A little overpriced, but portions big enough to split. Best Ahi Tuna sashimi I've ever had.
Mulligan's on the Blue- A little Irish pub on Wailea's Blue golf course. Since the time change is 5 hours from the east coast, Mulligan's opens up at 8 am on Sundays for the football games. And, yes, we were there at 8 am.
- Pretty cool bar/restaurant in Kihei. The food was ok (except the "It's Baja, Dude" wrap-that was so good!) but the happy hour was killer. You can't beat $3.00 Mai Tai's.
Cafe @ La Plage- This spot in Kihei is a very casual panini place that we found just this year. Small, personal, and just delicious sandwiches.

We are back in the cold now, but here are some pictures from our tropical paradise :)
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