Friday, March 4, 2011

3 Months Old!

Our little Allison is 3 months old and as cute as can be! We don’t have an appointment until 4 months so no stats for now. This little munchkin is definitely growing, though, as evidenced by the increasing number of outfits joining the newborn clothes in the “outgrown” box. This is such a bittersweet thing for me. I love that those chubby thighs, multiple chins, and big round belly remind me that she is eating well and growing. However, they are all also a reminder that she won’t be my little baby forever. I guess I’ll spend extra time cuddling her while she still lets me J

Our biggest event this month was Allison’s baptism! We were so lucky to be joined by her God Parents Melissa and Lang (and Declan!) from Pittsburgh, my parents and Allison’s Aunts Beth and Lisa from Ohio, Eric’s parents, Allison’s Uncle Tim from Minneapolis, and all of our other family and friends! She looked like such a doll in her white dress and couldn’t have been better. And, in true girl fashion, spent most of the brunch afterward squealing more than she ever has! Thanks again, Christie, for being her chatter buddy J

It is so hard to narrow it down to 3 things for this month, but here goes…

1.) Allison loves the mirror! We worry that we have a little diva on our hands already. If you want to see a little princess smile and squeal, plop this girl in front of a mirror. She thinks it is just the funniest thing!

2.) If we are out to eat, Allison doesn’t want to hang out in her car seat. She wants to sit on your lap! She is happy as can be sitting on anyone’s lap and looking around. She wants to be part of the action too.

3.) Allison’s neck is getting so strong and she will hopefully no longer be a bobble head! She spends part of each day on her tummy and sitting in her Bumbo to work on her neck muscles. She is really getting the hang of it!

We love you, our sweet girl, and can’t wait to see what the month of March holds for you!

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