Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just Add Baby!

From the moment we opened up the envelope and found out that our little nugget would be a perfect little princess, we couldn't wait to get started on her room! We started off with a blank slate. The room had old pale blue carpet, white walls, and a hunter green wall paper trim. First thing to go was carpet. We went through Home Designs Studio in Rochester to have the new flooring put in. We thought about doing wainscoting in the room, but decided that since the flooring matched the baseboards already, we would stick with that.

After the floors went in, I steamed down the wall paper trim. We then spent a good 20 hours taping off the room and painting the walls green with white stripes. This is not an easy task to take on. If you ever plan on doing painting stripes in a room, let us know and we can give you so VERY helpful tips that would have saved us loads of time. In the end, though, the stripes turned out better than we could have hoped.

After the painting came reinstalling the baseboards. This is not as easy as it sounds. Think putting together a jigsaw puzzle that needs to fit perfectly. And the pieces are large and cumbersome. With nails. Eek! We survived though, and so did the walls.

Next came the ceiling fan. We wanted to install a dimmer and a ceiling fan, which would require a little rewiring. This task was left entirely to Eric and our go-to handy guy/good friend Brent. Together, they put in the fan (and it is still up!) and put the whole system on a dimmer. It could not have worked out better.

I made some wall art with canvas, mod podge, scrapbooking pages, and ribbon. We added her furniture, clothes, a rug, and hung everything on the walls. Now we are good to go! We just need to add baby, which will happen this week. We are going in for induction tomorrow night and we could not be more excited. Or more nervous! We cannot wait to meet our not so punctual princess. She will be the perfect last addition to the room that we are just so proud of :)

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